About Changing stars Malawi

OUR Goals 2019 - 2021

We have clear and ambitious goals for Changing Stars Malawi over the coming years. These include...

Mango Tree Nursery

Continue the teacher training in phonics and Numicon across the teaching staff and also for Thyolo staff.

To share good practice by taking out our own nursery staff and bringing new ideas to Mango Tree.

Continue to provide equipment and resources. 

Continue a monthly donation to help pay for nursery staff and provide a high quality porridge and snack for the children.

To assist the identification of children to receive sponsorship going forward from 2019 – our aim will be to provide school fees for between 10 and 15 children per year from Mango Tree to Chitsanzo Primary school.

To use Mango Tree as a base and hold afternoon classes for ex-pupils who require additional tutoring.


Open Arms, Blantyre and Mangochi

To continue to provide support and gifts for the children and staff on each visit to Malawi. 

Continue to provide clothing and resources for the orphanages. 

Continue a monthly donation for providing formula milk for the babies in the orphanages. 

To continue to support two children with CP with specialist equipment.


Beit Cure Orthopedic Hospital

To continue to assist in the delivery of the mobile library and update and replace books.


Cape Maclear Child Protection Committee

To continue with support, aid, and finances to help identify the most vulnerable children in Cape Maclear. 

To continue to provide safeguarding and human trafficking training (along with Malawian Social Welfare) to those involved in the committee and to assist when required with urgent child abuse cases. 

To liaise with Robert from CMCPC on school reports, attendance and support for the sponsored children.


Morning Star Nursery and School

To provide support through training and school resources for Pastor Henry Malata and the school.


Chitsanzo Primary School

To provide funds to put a roof on the building for the school to ensure that school classes are kept to a maximum of 40 and children can be taught in classrooms rather than under a tree or straw roof. 

To assist with provision of curriculum books for the children’s use. 

To work closely with the school and liaise with them on the progress of all children with a focus on our Mango Tree children.


Kumbukhani Nhata

To ensure she completes her course and graduates as a nurse for Malawi.


Billy Riordan Clinic

To provide medical supplies on each visit over to Malawi.


Chimbota School

To continue monthly donations to the school to support the school and its pupils.