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Volunteer Stories

Here at Changing Stars Malawi we love to have volunteers come out to Malawi and experience working with the local communities.


Malawi is known as the 'Warm Heart of Africa' and the people truly have earned this name. 

Below are some of our previous volunteers stories telling you all that they got up to in their time in Malawi. They have also chosen some of their favourite photographs from their trips to share with you too.

<---- The Mango Tree Nursery School wall of volunteers! Could you be next to add your hand? 

Our Incredible Volunteers

"I feel beyond lucky to have been part of these incredible ventures"

Emma Hamilton

"You literally couldn't wipe the smile from my face"

Stacey Oseni

"Nothing could have prepared me for this unforgettable experience" 

Karen Mackey

"I completely fell in love with the atmosphere and kindness

Lucy Peak