About Changing stars Malawi

our Work so far

We visit Malawi at least twice a year to ensure all our projects are running well and progressing, while Charlie will be moving out to Malawi permanently in Summer 2020. 

 Below are some of our key projects:


Mango Tree Nursery, Cape Maclear

Raised funds to build a permanent home for a pre-school nursery already established in Cape Maclear. 

Building completed in 2017 and CCC have been providing equipment, uniforms and resources, as well as teacher training since then. This project has been completed in partnership with The Malama Trust - a Malawian chairty with similar educational based aims for the children of Malawi.


Working with Mango Tree and Chitsanzo Primary school to support both to provide continuity of care and education from Mango Tree through primary education.


Open Arms, Blantyre and Mangochi

Provided equipment, resources and clothing for babies and toddlers in their orphanages since 2010. 

Provided  school equipment and gifts for a foster family, which is a home for the children from the orphanage to go when they start school. 

Two children who have Cerebral palsy resulting in physical disabilities have specialist equipment provided for them.

Donated gifts to the staff at Open Arms to improve morale and show appreciation.


Beit Cure Orthopaedic Children’s Ward

Provided a mobile library for the children’s use when they are unable to access the ward classroom. This comprised of the full secondary school Malawian curriculum books in addition to fiction books in both English and Chichewa. 


Cape Maclear Child Protection Committee

Provided funds for setting up an office and uniforms for the committee so they are identifiable to the community. 

Donated clothes and equipment for the most vulnerable in the village. 

Assisting with advice and guidance in dealing with sensitive child abuse and child trafficking cases. 

Supporting the group to help get children back into school either through sponsorship or motivational events such as football competitions and school talks.

Identifying most needy children to sponsor to go to school and monitoring attendance and effort. 

Sponsored 64 children and paid for school fees for academic year 2018-2019.


Morning Star Nursery and School (Pastor Henry Malata)

Provided funds to enable running water to be brought to the site and cement for the flooring.

Assisted with providing school equipment and resources.


Kumbukhani Nhata

Paying fees since 2017 to support a young woman through nursing college to become a qualified nurse. She graduates in 2020.


Billy Riordan Clinic, Cape Maclear

Providing donations of equipment and medical supplies to a medical clinic helping to provide care for the community of Cape Maclear.


Chimbota School, Nkhata

Providing support and  monthly donations to the school. We work closely with its founder Kevin Troughton to help education the community in Nkhata Bay.

We take a keen interest in our sponsored children and form links between them and their sponsors.  This personal connection is important to provide longevity of sponsorship to our children.  The children really do appreciate that someone so far away cares enough about them to pay for them to go to school.